We eat for taste and cater to convenience. We eat to be social and sometimes because we are bored. The reason for eating and what we eat, has become so distorted that almost two in three Australians are overweight or obese. That's epic....

The fundamental reason we should eat is for health. Whole foods contain the essential vitamins and minerals required for our body to function. They strengthen our immune system, help repair muscles, keep our hormones in check and the list goes on. A well balanced diet does not require external suppliments. Head over to the australian guide to healthy eating to see what a balanced diet looks like (notice the lack of processed foods): https://www.eatforhealth.gov.au/guidelines/australian-guide-healthy-eating

"Eat whole foods, mostly veggies and mind your portion size."

If your hoping to find a fad diet on that link, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The reality of the situation is that eating well is really, really simple. Eat whole foods, mostly veggies and mind your portion size. Now I know this concept isn't as cool as the lemon detox or paleo diet but I promise you it works. The fad diets you know and love are often recycled, re-branded diets from the past that resurface when health and fitness magazines need a revamp.

The secret is to start choosing meals based on health and nutrition value rather than taste and convenience. Muffins and lollies go out the window pretty quick when you start looking for nutritional value. Once you've mastered choosing nutritious meals turn your attention to portion control. Serving sizes these days are epic. We do not need as much food as you think, especially when you consider our sedentary lifestyles.

What I would like you to do is start becoming more aware about the food you eat. Start a food diary and record what you eat and drink each day. Then compare what you find with the australian guide to healthy eating. Now I'm not saying change your eating habits all at once in a single week. Choose one meal to focus on, whether it is adding some extra veggies to lunch or swapping the mars bar for a serve of nuts. Do this consistently over time and reap the health benifits!