I’ll get you with that title every time. Unfortunately, I don’t personally recommend any supplements for fat-loss. What I’m trying to highlight here is how we are always looking for an easy way out. How we like to play the victim and not take responsibility for our actions.

Maybe the best supplement for fat-loss is a quick dose of reality. It is so easy complicate and over think your fitness journey. The media constantly bombards us with the latest supplements, foods and workouts guaranteed to shred fat. It is literally all just good marketing, that we will soak up like a sponge in the desert because we are not prepared to do what it actually takes to lose fat.

Fat-loss is about expending more energy than you put in. So, move more and eat less. It is literally as straightforward as that. Move more and eat less.  So it doesn’t matter what workouts you do, just do more of them. And it doesn’t matter what food you eat (or supplement you take), just eat less. If you move more, and eat less than what you are currently doing, you will lose weight.

I said it was straightforward but I never promised it was easy. You have to want something bad enough to actually change. This is the dose of reality I was talking about. How badly do you want to feel fit and strong? How important is it for you to be a great role model for your kids? How badly do you want to ooze confidence in your clothes and the way you carry yourself? This is the kind of stuff it comes down to.

Do we take the short-term highs of inactivity, unhealthy food and overeating, or do we make a conscious decision to act in a way that gets us closer to what is important to us? For me the answer is easy, and I feel I am not restricted in any way. In fact, quite the opposite. I get to use my body what it is designed for, I get to make the most of the outdoors and what this awesome planet has to offer, I get to feel confident in the way I look and feel.

If fat-loss truly is important to you, then start doing what you know will get you to where you want to be and stop looking for excuses and quick fixes. And if you don’t know what to do, ask for help.