Being accountable to someone will accelerate your progress towards your fitness goals. As humans, we are pretty terrible at holding ourselves accountable. Everything bad that happens to us is always someone else’s fault right? Or it’s because of my work, my partner, the weather and other things I have no control over as to why I can’t reach my fitness goals. Does this sound familiar?

This is why we have deadlines for tasks, why there are mentors in every single industry. You are way more likely to reach a goal when you are accountable to someone. Someone who expects a result. Someone who can check in on your exercise and nutrition. Someone to say, “Hey, I didn’t see you in the gym this week, wasn’t your goal to come in twice a week?”.

Do you think you would have written and passed all of the exams in school, had your teacher not provided a deadline and made you accountable for the quality of your essays? What about your career? Do you think you would be where you are today, had your managers not mentored you, pushed you to be more efficient with your time and held you accountable to the quality of your work?

Reaching your fitness goals are no different. If you are the only person you are accountable to, it is way too easy to slip up. When my clients keep a food diary for example, they know I’m going to go through that with a fine comb and pull them up on anything they could have done better. Does your nutrition have as much gravity when you are not recording it, compared to presenting it to someone on a weekly basis? I think you know the answer.

Being accountable is also why working out with someone is more effective than training on your own. Yes, if you’re like me, there may be a competitive edge. But on top of that will be the over-arching notion of not letting that person down. They are keeping you accountable to perform your best, to add more weight, push out that extra rep when you just don’t want to.

Whether it is a specific goal you are trying to reach, or you just want to be more active. Find someone to be accountable to who will inspire you to stay on track and can monitor your progress. Do this, and I guarantee you will crush it!