Your health can be measured through strength, cardiovascular fitness, body measurements, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, posture, and even mood. And yet, the only variable we seem to care about is the number we see on the scale.

Often times people get so obsessed with their weight, and completely ignore the fact that they no longer have back pain, can lift their own bodyweight or their waist measurements have reduced. Yes weight can be a measure of health, but it is only one of many, and probably not the best. So here are some other signs that you are becoming healthier.


#1 You have more energy. Intuitively you would think, the more energy you expend exercising, the less energy you have for daily life. But in fact, it is the exact opposite that happens. Why? Because your body adapts to the work you are putting in and you boost your basal energy levels. Do you notice that you are waking up refreshed and have more get up and go in the afternoon? You can put that one down to exercise.


#2 You have more stamina. The healthier you are, the further and faster you can move before running out of steam. You’ve probably noticed that you can now climb a flight of steps without puffing and panting. Or perhaps you are more active with the kids, egging them on to chase you, playing soccer and having more fun at the playground than they are!


#3 You continually set exercise personal bests. Whether it is increasing the resistance on the cross trainer to doing more reps with the same weight, or even increasing your weights. You can’t wake up one morning and decide your going to lift twice your body weight, it’s not possible. It takes consist training and time in order for your body to adapt, grow muscle and hardwire motor neuron connections. So the fact that you can lift heavier things isn’t magic, it is because you’ve worked your butt off and you now have more muscle mass. 


#4 Less aches and pains. Remember how you had that niggle in your knee and every time you went up and down stairs it bothered you. Or the back pain you had at work, which you just accepted was a consequence of sitting for too long. Notice how it is no longer there? That’s because you have now strengthened the muscles that support your bones and joints. Every client I have ever had with a sedentary lifestyle / movement based ailment, experiences reduced discomfort, thanks to their exercise regime. If that is not a sign you are getting healthier, I don’t know what is!