You can order almost anything online and have it delivered within days, if not the same day. Streaming services and social media give you instant access to any content you want with the click of a button. Meunlog and Uber Eats allow you to have whatever food you want without even leaving your house! Technology allows us to have everything we want at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, this is not possible when it comes to changing our body.

Immediate results is not a thing, sorry. 

You haven’t always had the body you see in the mirror today. It’s taken your entire life up until now, to create that reflection. So even though everything around us might be instant, changing your body composition and improving metabolic parameters is not.

This is simply because metabolic processes, such as building muscle and metabolising fat take time. There is no other way around it. For example, do you know how fat leaves your body? The by products of metabolised fat is primarily expelled through your lungs. That’s right, you loose weight by breathing! So no matter how good your nutrition was for that one week, you can’t breathe out your excess kilos that quickly.

How quickly your body will change is partly up to the individual, and partly up to the genetic makeup of the individual. If you are trying to lose fat, 1 kilogram per week is a realistic timeframe. If you are trying to put on muscle, half a kilogram of muscle per week may be a realistic timeframe.

Note, even if your nutrition and exercise is on point, we all have genetic predispositions that we do not get to choose. 

As an example, a group of young males of the same age were all given the same strength program and had to eat the exact same food for 12 weeks. The researchers made sure that each individual ate the exact same meal and that the exact same exercises and progressions were undertaken. The study revealed that even when all controllable parameters were the same, the overall range in total muscle mass gained was between one to eight kilograms! 

Now I’m not giving you an excuse to to say, I can’t build muscle, or I can’t lose fat because of my genetics. Just realise that you are different from me, and I am different to the next person. It is possible for everyone to lose fat or gain muscle, it is just the time period that will vary.

At the end of the day, anything that is worth having takes time. This includes a healthy mind and body. So don’t get discoursed if you don’t see immediate results, because you can’t instantly change your body anyway. But you can guaranteeresults through hard workand consistency. Just be patient and respect the process. Now get out there and smash it legends!