I going to share with you some common weight loss myths. But first, I want you to think about, exactly what it is that you want. Do you want to be healthy, athletically lean or super lean? What matters to you? What are you willing to do..or not, and why? Everybody will have different answers to these questions. And subsequently have different levels of commitment, which is fine. Just realise in order to change...you have to change.

Let's start with some common myths;

"Shredded abs in just 10 minutes a day with only three exercises!" 

"It only takes a couple of small changes in nutrition and your workouts to get a magazine cover six pack, big biceps and a tight butt."

"Getting in shape involves a lot of sacrifice and lifestyle restriction"

If your goal is to be super lean and compete in a bodybuilding competition, then yes, you might have to make some drastic changes to your training and nutrition. Changes that most people, myself included, are not willing to make. However, if you goal is to look and feel healthy, the reality of weight loss is very different to what you might expect.

"Do you want to be healthy, athletically lean or super lean? What matters to you...and why?"

Some weight loss truths;

#1 The process that helps you lose the "first 5 kilos" is not the same that will help you lose the "last 5 kilos". It usually requires a lot more effort to lose weight the leaner you are.

#2 Be cautious when aspiring to be like the fitness models you see in the media and social media. There is a lot more photoshop, lighting and camera angles at play than you think.

#3 Small adjustments to your nutrition and exercise regime, will over time, add up to noticeable improvements.

This last point is the most important and actionable weight loss truth. You don't put on 10 kilograms overnight. Similarly, it will take time for the weight to drop off. So start making small adjustments to your nutrition and exercise. This can be as simple as drinking less alcohol, limiting fast food and taking a short daily walk. Once you get really good at that, you progress to perhaps eating more vegetables and lean protein, you do more meal planning, eat more whole foods, walk to the station or add in an extra gym day. 

Focus on one healthy change at a time. Do this consistently over time, and I bet that you will see noticeable improvements.